The Division of Policing has now formed five committees.  Our committees are all currently at capacity, but for more information on any of the committees below, please contact or the committee chairs listed below.  Read our newsletter to learn more about the work of each committee.

Committees are listed below, along with their purpose and the member overseeing each committee. 

Student Committee (Logan Somers)

To create a collaborative environment between ASC Division of Policing students, faculty, and practitioners that promotes professional development, networking, and research partnerships

Awards Committee (Evan Sorg):
To nominate Division members for ASC awards and to develop awards that will be given by the Division

International Committee (Peter Neyroud):
To connect the Division to international policing organizations. 
Read more about the first International Summer School for Policing Scholarship, a program for doctoral students interested in policing held at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland in June 2016.

Journals Committee (William Terrill):
To improve the status of existing policing journals and discuss the creation of a new journal for the Division. 
Read more about the work of the Journals Committee in issue 2 of our newsletter

Policy and Practice Outreach Committee (William King and Cynthia Lum):
To work more closely with practitioners and policymakers on research, outreach, and translational activities