Executive Board and Elections

The current Executive Board began their two year term at ASC 2016:

Chair: William Terrill

Vice Chair: Cynthia Lum

Secretary-Treasurer: Evan Sorg

Executive Counselors: Brenda Bond, William King, Christopher Koper


The inaugural Executive Board served from 2014 – 2016:

Chair: Dennis Rosenbaum

Vice Chair: Anthony Braga

Secretary-Treasurer: Cody Telep

Executive Counselors: Matthew Hickman, Cynthia Lum, William Terrill


Descriptions of each of these positions appear below:



The Chair will provide executive direction for the Division and will preside over Division meetings. He or she will serve as liaison with the ASC Annual Meeting Program to ensure the inclusion of panels relating to issues on policing in the program as well as bring issues regarding policing research, as decided by the Division, to the attention of the ASC Executive Board and to appropriate ASC committees for their consideration. The Chair will appoint all committees and committee chairs, with the approval of the Executive Board.



The Vice-Chair will preside over Division meetings in the absence of the Chair and shall be empowered to conduct all necessary business of the Division if the office of Chair is vacant or if the Chair is unable to serve. The Vice-Chair will assist the Chair in matters of the Division.



The Secretary/Treasurer will keep the records and minutes of the Division; manage the membership list for the division, including the email/contact system for members; act as liaison between the division and the Treasurer of ASC; inform the executive board of the Division’s balance, debts, credits, etc. and the membership of same at the Division’s Annual Membership Meeting; coordinate all purchases for the division, including, for example, awards, annual meeting supplies and receptions, etc. and maintain the website for the Division.



Executive Counselors will assist the Chair with executive decisions for the Division, and each will chair at least one committee of the Division.